Kettlebell Lower Body Workout

Kettlebell Lower Body Workout

Happy Monday team. Here’s some training inspo if you need it today! You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get a good workout in 🔥This lower body session just uses 1 x kettlebell (or dumbbell) & a box (step/bench/chair…you get the picture). Try 8-12 reps x 2-3 rounds or lower the weight & up the reps for 1-2 rounds for more endurance focused training.

Superset 1 (back to back)
🍑Single leg lunge with OH press
🍑Goblet squat
🍑Kettlebell swing

Followed by Superset 2
🍑Single leg stand up
🍑Bulgarian split squat
🍑Box jumps

Warm up non negotiable. Have a peachy week-y 👀😂 Outfit available at NEXT Official Label online – let’s smash this week, WE GOT THIS!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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