Classes Schedule & Retreats for 2019

Hey guys!

A little update from me now I’m back from teaching on retreats for the rest of the year. Here’s my current timetable and retreat dates.  I would so love to see you in class if you’re around London! If not, why not come on one of my retreats!? All the info you need below 🙂 Hope to see you on the mat soon. Feel free to email me any questions:

Current Timetable


Tone & OM

6.30am-7.30am One Ldn, Fulham

Functionally mindful HIIT integrated with a balanced yoga flow created by me (Kim Hartwell!).


Power Yoga

7pm-8pm Core Collective, High Street Kensington

Suitable for yoga virgins, rookies and pros. You can expect your flow to be challenging, fun, energetic but all served with a large portion of chill to finish. Leave the mat feeling accomplished, happy & zen.


8.15pm-9.10pm Core Collective, High Street Kensington

Classes are floor-based, working through a combination of passive and active stretches, and designed to be accessible and relaxing for all levels of flexibility. Regular Stretch classes will help you build a practical flexibility programme into your training regime enabling you to reach your full performance potential.


Power Yoga

12.30pm-1.30pm Core Collective, High Street Kensington

Suitable for yoga virgins, rookies and pros. You can expect your flow to be challenging, fun, energetic but all served with a large portion of chill to finish. Leave the mat feeling accomplished, happy & zen.

Upcoming Retreats

IMG_3386 2.JPG

More retreats for 2019 to be announced. Including Rock & Soul Adventure retreats (Rock Climbing & Yoga) and Fit & Flow retreats (Fitness & Yoga) Stay tuned for more information….


“Over the past couple of years, hipsters, yogis and surfers looking for a quieter and more authentic alternative to the overblown beaches of Unawatuna and Mirissa have sought Hiri’s still-rustic charm, picture-postcard setting and gentle surf, though this hasn’t yet tipped the balance.“

Live Your Best Life!
Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March-April 2019

Friday 29 March to Thursday 4 April 2019
Live Your Best Life in Sri Lanka for 7 days of luxury boutique beachfront yoga surfer vibes!

Twice Daily Yoga Classes
Surfing Sessions
Whale Watching Trip
Delicious Sri Lankan Food
Buddhist Temple Visit
Beach Meditation
Chill Out Space
Freshwater Pool Vibes
Massages & Treatments
Late Night Chats Under the Stars
Big Love from the GYL Dream Team!

It’s your time to rejuvenate and energise your body and mind, give surfing a go, meet wonderful new people, improve your yoga practice, feel inspired, reset and recharge, laugh lots and experience the Good Yoga Life here on this magical island of SRI LANKA!!!

You’ll experience the pristine beauty of nature surrounded by leafy coconut palms and far-reaching ocean views. Our eco-luxury Sri Lankan home offers the perfect blend of quiet seclusion and the buzz of beach cafes lining the palm fringed shore at vibrant but super chilled Hiriketiya Bay a short walk away.

Voted one of the top 10 best winter sun destinations for 2018 by The Guardian, Hiriketiya Bay is a surfer’s paradise where you can swim with turtles in the crystalline waters of the bay and surf in the beautiful waves suitable for all levels.

Enjoy yoga in our private poolside shala looking out to monkeys swinging between the coconut palms and chipmunks scurrying mischievously along the branches. This is yoga amongst nature with the sounds of the ocean and tropical, native birds…the perfect way to connect with the beauty of life, ground yourself and really feel like you’ve arrived in paradise!

You can go for a dip in the freshwater lap pool, check out the view from your eco-luxe bedroom, or head to to the beautiful Hiriketiya Bay for a swim and surf.

At night we can stroll down to the beach for stunning sunsets, live music, cocktails and chats under the stars.

Local coconut delivery 🙂
Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Our villa features a huge open-air al fresco top floor dining space and lounge with 360 views across the bay and ocean – a real highlight of our Sri Lankan home, giving us the perfect spot to watch the many stunning sunsets we’ll enjoy together!

Spacious rooms feature balconies and open-air showers, letting you connect with nature and the beautiful landscape. You’ll wake to the sound of cheeky monkeys and exotic birds…this really is paradise!

The rooms are designed with an open concept with large windows, open-air ensuite bathrooms and views of the ocean and coconut groves. Your space has been tastefully furnished with polished concrete floors for a cooling effect and local antiques and art deco features.

The outdoor freshwater pool is surrounded by plants and comfy sun loungers and home to our large breezy yoga shala.

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat March 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Your experienced team of teachers can’t wait to teach you everything they know and love on the mat!

Our daily yoga classes will take place in the morning and late afternoon. We’ll start our day with an energising vinyasa class, moving in time with the breath, and strengthening and stretching every part of the body.

The afternoon sessions will be a mixture of restorative flows and workshops to go a little deeper. You’ll float out of these sessions feeling inspired, relaxed and renewed.

After 12 yoga classes with us, you’ll leave with a greater understanding of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques that will help you to keep your yoga glow and zen vibe flowing.

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Learning to surf on a tropical island is almost a rite of passage and during your stay, you’ll have two coached surf lessons to improve your skills, confidence and independence in the waves – whilst having loads and loads of fun!

The horseshoe bay of Hiri has waves for both beginners and the more advanced, so if this is going to be your first time on a surf board, you can feel relaxed knowing that there is a wave for you with your name on!

The crystal clear, WARM waters will invite you in and we promise that after your lessons, you’ll be heading back into the surf for more.

 Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019 

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019 

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Did you know that one of the best places in the world to see blue whales is Mirissa in Sri Lanka?

Watching blue whales and dolphins in Mirissa is a truly unique experience.

We’ll rise before sunrise to travel to our boat which will head out into the Indian ocean for a 3-5hr whale watching trip! We may also spot bottle and spinner dolphins, sperm whales, short finned whales, fin whales, Bryde´s whales, turtles, whale shark, killer whales, flying fish!

 Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019 

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Indulge in a real Sri Lankan food experience from the tastefully yet rustically furnished rooftop dining room.

Our private chefs will treat us to extensive brunches of fresh fruit, continental and local cooked options with fresh juices available throughout the day and Sri Lankan cuisine in the evenings.

Think…egg hoppers and dhal for breakfast, coconut sambol, kottu roti, beetroot salads, the best Sri Lankan curries and tropical fruits, our mouths are going to rejoice with happiness.

Experience Sri Lankan food at its best!

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Arrival from 2pm
Welcome Juice, Chats & Settle In
75min Early Evening Yin Yang Flow & Meditation
Healthy, Veggie Sri Lankan Supper

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

Teas, Coffee & Juices
Morning Surf Lesson / Session
75mins Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation
Plentiful Vegetarian Brunch
Group activity: Beach / Buddhist Temple / Whale Watching
Free time to walk to secluded coves, swim, chill, read, sunbathe, journal, massages and treatments or whatever you desire!
Massages and beauty treatments (optional)
Early Evening 75-90mins yoga class/workshops
Delicious Sri Lankan Supper
After dinner fun & chats
Optional beach bar for cocktails
Freedom to eat out & go out with your friends


7 Days from Friday 29 March to Thursday 4 April 2019
Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

What’s included:

12 x yoga classes / workshops
Shared accommodation in luxury sunset and sea view villa
Brunch & Supper homemade by our private chefs
2 x 1.5 hr Surf Lessons
4 x Surf Sessions
Whale Watching Trip to Mirissa!



Prices are based on sharing a twin or double occupancy room (come with your partners, besties or make new friends with your roomies!).

Sharing with fellow yogis is the best way to get fully immersed into the Good Yoga Life retreat experience!

Flights are not included.
Fly with Emirates from London to Colombo for less than ÂŁ500 return!
Make it a two week holiday and you can fly for £388 return (24 March – 7 April)
We can organise transfers for you to the villa once we have your flight and travel details.
We can recommend places on the beach and nearby to eat during the day if you’re hungry, although you’ll likely be full from the amazing and plentiful post yoga brunch.

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019

1. Go to the Billetto page – this is where you will fill in your personal details and select the room option ONLY. You will not make the payment here.

2. Click on GET TICKETS and select your room option as shown below. You must book your own place. If you are coming with a friend, please ask them to go through this process to book their own place on the retreat. You will NOT pay for your space through Billetto.

3. Please email to confirm your selection and booking and to receive details for payment.

4. Kelly will email the payment details to you. To secure your booking, please pay a ÂŁ200 non-refundable deposit or the full amount within 12 hours of bookings. Payment plans are available.

4. Pay the remaining balance by 1st February 2019

We want to make our yoga retreats accessible to as many people as possible and are open to setting up a payment plan in certain situations.

Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat March April 2019


5 Top Tips: Where to Start with Own Yoga Self Practice

So you’ve been jumping on your yoga train for a little while now. Whether it be online videos or class practice, but have you got to the point where you flow by yourself at home yet? No follow along video. No teacher. Just you. Well, from past experience I can tell you, if not, you have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain from practicing at home on your own. Read on to find out more about the benefits and my top 5 tips on how to get started.

The benefits of self practice

In class or by using a follow along flow, you’ll find that’s it’s ideal for building confidence within the practice. Especially if you’re more of a newbie, it’s great for getting to grips with the postures, flow and breath. But once you are familiar, by taking your practice to your own mat, in your own time, to your own flow you stand to gain so much more from what essentially is YOUR practice. In a class I always tell my students that I’m just a guide to their practice, but in reality they still follow my flow, my speed, my postures. If you were to do it at home you have way more of an opportunity to REALLY tune in to the fullest extent. What does YOUR specific body need. Not what someones telling you to do. Maybe you need a little more time getting into a posture. Or never really get that chance you want to practice a certain posture in class. Maybe today you need more meditation. Maybe your chest feels particularly tight. This is the wonder of self practice. You can do exactly what you need. What you want. No external influence, and ALL the internal influence.

Here’s my top 5 tips below to help you on your way:

1) Start on the floor and work your way to standing

Start low and start slow. Give yourself a moment to check in. How does your body feel today. It’s different everytime you turn up to your mat so see if you can listen to that. This will serve as great direction for the rest of your flow. I like to start in childs pose or supta baddha konasana then work my way more fluidly from there. Some poses I do don’t even have a name…but do you know what, they feel damn good. I groove into my downward dog. I wriggle in my tabletop and cat cows. Remember there’s no such thing as it “looking like yoga”. It doesn’t have to look a particular way. It’s literally just you. That can be a really wonderful thing. Work your way up to standing. Work through some Sun Salutation A’s and B’s (check the links for for a little refresh if your newer to the practice, you can always follow along the Sun Salutations on YouTube to begin with). These warm and prime the body for your later flow. Then after that, literally just flow with it. It’s traditional to practice some standing postures, standing balances, floor poses, inversions, backbends, forward folds and spinal twists. But do you know what? You don’t “have” to do any of those things. Maybe the sun salutations were enough.

Another really nice way to get inspiration is to give yourself a theme. Maybe you can choose something to focus on, like having a peak pose to work up to, or a focus on using your glutes. When I was teaching on our retreat in Ibiza we incorporated fun flows like “You’ve Got the Love” (backbends and heart openings), “Paradise Flow” (tropical themed postures – super fun!) Whichever, you choose I would always recommend at least a few minutes in savasana to seal your practice. 

2) Create a playlist that you would love to flow to

This is especially useful if you aren’t necessarily “feeling” the flow that day. Music type is of course is a personal preference. I tend to use slower chilled music to start and finish with some upbeat house in the middle. Usually with very little words to avoid distraction, but I also through in some of my absolute favourites. My hiphop yoga playlist will always hold a special little place in my practice! If you’re in need of some music inspo, check out my spotify here, where I have a ton of them! I hope you like them if you try them out, any recommendations always appreciated!

Note you don’t have to flow to music at all. Some love to flow to it, some are avidly against it. For me, I love it. It helps me get in my groove. Maybe you find it too distracting, then of course by all means do it without it. Remember, it’s your practice. No one elses!


3) Find a space where you feel comfortable without distraction

So we don’t all have the luxury of having a our yoga studio in our house. Try to create a little sacred haven all for yourself as much as you can. Even if that’s the small squeeze of mat space next to your body. If this is you; I live in the city too, I feel you! But make that little space just for you and your mat. Even if that means moving furniture. Try to turn off anything that’s going to distract you. Maybe your cat or dog will settle down after a few minutes. The more you can own the space your in without being distracted by those external influences the better. Turn your phone on plane mode and your laptop to sleep. I turn the email notifications off on my laptop so I don’t here messages as they come in whilst I play my music through my spotify.


I particularly love flowing outdoors. I use my Beats by Dre wireless headphones, and go wild (literally!) If you dont have a garden local parks are great. This might come more easily after more regular self practice. The grass can prove a great tool for gaining confidence in inversion practices and there’s nothing quite like being immersed in nature, breathing it all in.

4) Breathe, take time to listen to what your body is telling you

We spend so much of our time racing around, looking after every one else. We can often fall to bottom of the pile. Take this time and space for you. Slow things down. Listen. Breath. Ancient yogic routes don’t even have the “asana” (postures) involved in the practice. The practice is the breath. Use it. Feel it. Flow to it.

5) Don’t overthink it

Try not to overcomplicate your self practice or place judgement on yourself. Your self practice doesn’t have to be a particular length of time (5 minute flows to wonders for the soul). It’s your unique practice, your unique journey and flow. You do you. Be patient. It’s all part of the yoga practice. So often we see the final most advanced postures brandished around, but actually that’s not actually the point of yoga at all. Yoga teaches us patience, kindness, compassion for ourselves (mind and body). We practice ahimsa (non violence to the body). We breathe on the mat, throughout the practice (even when its gets challenging) in order to be able to take that off our mat and into challenging situations in our day to day lives. All in order to provide ourselves the foundation to be able to breath under challenging scenarios off of the mat. Which essentially allows us to be in a better position to react from a calmer mindset. Don’t beat yourself up if you get distracted or your flow isn’t “perfect”, or you can’t do anything particularly advanced. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Allow yourself to be humbled by the practice. What is advanced? and what is the perfect practice anyway? It’s all part of the practice. In the wise words of Pattabhi Jois “Practice, practice, and all is coming!” – The patience and the learning.

I hope this has gone a little way to enable you to begin your self practice journey. If I’ve managed to inspire just a small part of you to get wiggling to your own groove on your mat then I’m a happy little Kim. Getting started can feel tricky at first. My top tip would be to not overthink it. Just move. It doesn’t have to even “look like yoga”, just do what feels good. Good luck and I’d so love to hear how you get on! Wishing you all the love and greatness that you deserve from your self practice.

Sending health & happiness till next time, 

Kim x

Featured Image outfit: Lululemon Ballet Collection

Post Image: Adidas Wanderlust Collection


Reasons to Retreat Yourself

So the idea of going on a wellness retreat intrigues you, but you’re not quite sold. Sure the sun kissed skin, salty hair and sandy toes feel great but the benefits of a wellness break last far longer than that retreat glow you’ll be sporting when you get back.

This is my first full year of running my own retreats. My retreat business leverages many arms. On the one hand I offer fitness retreats with my pal Katie Gray (Fit & Flow Retreats). We pride ourselves on giving guests a balanced fitness schedule including, HIIT training, Yoga and Pilates. Then there’s my personal true passion project Rock & Soul Adventures which entirely focus on the thrill of rock climbing and doing yoga in the outdoors. Immersing ourselves in the nature we find along the way, surfing the seas, and trail running coastal paths. Then simplifying all of that, I also teach on standalone yoga retreats. Where the sole focus in yoga and unity through that means. All different but each with an obvious and common thread. Unifying people. Unifying communities through physical and mental well being. Within that breeds what I can only describe as magic. It’s real and very present on what has fast become my favourite way of working.


5 benefits you’ll receive from going on a retreat?

1) A meeting of the minds from all walks of life

It can be quite intimidating the thought of going on a retreat on your own. Let me tell you, lots of people are in the same boat! Some come for a reset on life, to recentre, to refocus. Some come to make friends. Some come having had some challenging life events that they feel it will help them overcome. Others just come for the fun and the excitement of it. Whatever the reason is, know that you are by no means alone on one of these retreats. Likewise in most instances it allows for the freedom to go and explore by yourself or take time in your own space to do what you need to do. What I can assure you, is that your soul and heart will light up from the excitement and buzz of people from all walks of life. We laugh. We learn. We share experiences that are unique to each retreat in itself.


2) To challenge yourself

Whether your a health nut or total newbie, you’ll be in a position which will challenge your normal regime. Maybe you’ve never climbed. Maybe you’ve never done yoga. Maybe you shy away from meeting new people. Humans are made to adapt. Humans are made to connect to one another. By allowing yourself to open up to new ways of training, thinking and immersing yourself in nature you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible. All whilst making close knit friendships that last far beyond the remit of the retreat itself. You’ll be amazed at just how much of a positive influence it can have on not just your body, but your mindset. Get outside in nature. Do things you’ve never done whilst really tuning into yourself.


3) Learn

Learn from your fellow guests. Learn from trainers. Learn from chefs cooking on the retreat. The reason I love my retreats is because it allows me the time to spend with my class goers and personal training clients that I just wouldn’t get at home. To truly spend time, away from distractions. We’re essentially on tap to answer all of your wellness questions, and discover all about your fitness journey. 


4) Build habits

Sometimes, life just happens. We get busy. Your health and wellness takes a back seat. Although that is completely normal, retreats are the perfect way to get back into good habits. To redevelop your passion whether it be for training, or yoga or adventure. By prioritising time out for you, your body, your mind and (cheesy as it sounds but true) your soul will soon thank you for it. Go back from your retreat with a positive mindset and renewed sense of purpose to serving your wellbeing.


5) Rest, recover, see the world

We spend so much of our lives racing around. This is your opportunity to rest, recover and reset. Taking a much needed break from the everyday things the “need doing” for what really needs doing; which is looking after your wellbeing. Aesthetics aside, if you’re burning yourself out with work or family commitments, you’re setting yourself up for problems later along the line. Check into you. Not everyone else around you. Not those that depend on you. Be selfish. Take time for you. Listen to what your body and mind is telling you. Discover your true self. Press the reset button, and set yourself up to come back stronger (mentally and physically) post retreat.

Although I run many retreats throughout the year. Please see this as something other than a promotional tool for that. I see how happy retreats make people. I see the changes in people mindsets. I see the magic happen. It’s real and it’s ready for you. There are so many available out there for you to make the right choice. Resonate with the trainers teaching. Resonate with the itinerary. Then go on what can be a life changing experience that you’ll remember a lifetime.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



Mountain Festival with The North Face

So guys…a couple of weeks back you may have seen I went to the Mountain Festival with The North Face, in the Dolomites. & YES it was all kinds of awesome! What is Mountain Festival I hear you ask? Mountain Festival is the festival for adventurers and explorers put on by The North Face. This year it took us to Val Di Fassa, in the incredible Dolomite mountains for the launch of the super inspiring “The Pinnacle Project”.

The Pinnacle Project

Whilst in the Dolomites, we were treated to one incredible launch party! We were there to witness the global launch of the Pinnacle Project. This encompassed The North Face showing it’s most iconic mountain pop-up ever, set at 2100 m in the heart of the Dolomites. We hiked for 2 hours to be greeted by the most awesome surprise – I’ll let you watch the video to see just what we saw! Infused with their spirit of exploration, the pop-up boasts eight collector’s items donated by some of the most impressive explorers of our time. Eight key collector’s items, worn by The North Face athletes during their pinnacle moments, have been restored and labelled with a personal message from each athlete to inspire the new owner to never stop exploring. To get a hold of one, you will have to join the auction. All proceeds will be given back to the mountains.


Mountain Festival

Rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding you name it, we did it! We even got a chance to meet the epic The North Face athletes, including legendary Conrad Anker and David Lama. You can also probably guess there was partying aplenty! Find out what we got up to, press play below! If you like this sort of thing make sure you like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube for lots more to come.


I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps inspire you to move mountains and never stop exploring! Remember the Mountain Festival happens every year and you too can grab your tickets to come when time comes next year too. Keep an eye out for those ticket releases! We’ll hopefully see you there!

Happy adventuring team!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



Exploring the British Coastline with Pickwell Manor

So the UK summer of incredible weather and staycations has sure proven to be a fun one hey?! Have you been able to make the most of it? My husband and I have made a point of getting out and around the UK and it truly hasn’t disappointed. We can’t wait to head back to Devon next week. Here’s a little peak at what we got up to with Pickwell Manor last time we were down there on our active escape!

Staying at Pickwell Manor

If you’ve seen my instagram recently, you would have seen a super luxury shot of me in an outdoor bath! Well that’s at Pickwell Manor! YEP in the UK! If you are looking for a place to get away but still want to get outdoors and enjoy the incredible Devon coastline then look no further! From the minute we arrived at Pickwell Manor we felt completely spoilt and in love with the place. We stayed at Pickwell Manor for 2 nights in the Chapel and we can’t wait to go back again!

The trip to Pickwell Manor provided the perfect getaway as we could explore a ton of the Devon coastline! There’s so many places you can get adventuring and exploring in local towns too. If you’re feeling more active (which we generally do!) you can play tennis or take the beautiful trail run to the beach! Sand, sheep and fields – the perfect trail running formula (kindly mapped out in photos by Pickwell Manor) There’s also the Tarka Bike Trail nearby if you’re into your bikes! Baggy point is a great spot for rock climbing and Croyde the mecca of UK surf! What more could you ask for?! We particularly loved the views of the Putsborough Beach in the distance and the opportunity to meet the house bunnies, pigs and chickens.

We went paddle boarding with Active Escape (a sister company of Pickwell Manor) which was also super fun. We got the chance to SUP around the coves of Ilfracombe and it was a really special experience. They also offered coasteering too which we’ll definitely be back to try soon!

There’s something truly magical about being able to explore the seas and coves with just a paddleboard and the local nature as company! It was such a wonderful way to explore the Ilfracombe area and English coast, whilst keeping active.

Such a dreamy escape to our city life! A true slice of heaven! Have you ever been to Devon? It’s so beautiful! Definitely worth doing. If you go be sure to also check out the Sri Lankan on Barricane beach cafe, Woolacombe too, it’s incredible!

I hope this post has helped give you a little bit of UK wanderlust. Don’t forget some of the best months to go off are off season – September and October are known for being dreamy, so there’s no time like the present! Happy exploring!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x