Rock & Soul Adventure Retreats

Oh hey there Adventure Squad!

If like me, you go weak at the knees at the sight of adventure. A little ounce of drool slips out at the thought of all things nature and outdoor expedition FUN! Then this is for YOU!

You guys know I’m a massive climber girl and adventurer. I love getting outside in nature and I know you do too! So let’s do it together! So many of you have asked me how you can get climbing outside, so many of you love to surf, trail run and love to do yoga! We are just those kindah peeps.

SO I am extremely excited to announce the launch of “Rock and Soul Adventure Retreats”…


The 1st retreat of which is happening super soon!

See info below for the 1st retreat….

Welcome to
Rock & Soul Adventures…

Proudly in collaboration with The North Face

Outdoor Adventure Retreat

31st August – 2nd Sept 2018, Croyde, Devon

The first of many will be THIS August! I’ve been excitingly hatching plans for all things epic & outdoors.

Time to get EXCITED!…Please see below for the confirmed details of the retreat including what to expect from our long weekend away together…

I’m beyond pumped to announce that The North Face is our main partner for the weekend (you just know it’s going to be fun with these guys on board!)

31st August-2nd September

in Croyde, Devon. 

Expect a weekend filled with…

Rock Climbing

Trail Running,


(& Surfing for those that are keen!)

Think BBQ’s, bonfires, hot tubs.

Hanging out and doing epic things with epic people in the incredible outdoors.

Expert supervision from expert athletes; not least from our retreat partner and climb guru Robin O’Leary (of RocUp Holidays).



We will be staying in a 16 guest cottage in Braunton situated a short drive from North Devon’s golden sandy beaches (Croyde, Woolacoombe etc.) and close to Braunton village and the beautiful Tarka Trail path.

Room requests are first come first served so get in there quick if you have a preference of who you’re staying with. Plus ones more than welcome along!


We’re working with a wonderful chef who will be cooking up delicious and nutritious dishes for us throughout the weekend, including main meals and snacks. Dietary requirements will be catered for.


Getting there

We will all be making our own way down to the villa for the retreat start at midday on the Friday (31st August). There may be an option to jump in with someones car! Braunton is around a 4 hour drive from London. You have the option to drive, fly or take the train.

We will then be leaving Braunton late afternoon on the Sunday so you’re back in the city in time to get ready for the new week.


£260pp – Single Bed Sharer Room
£299pp – Double Bed Room
Deposit of £100 due on booking.

Whats included: Accommodation. Food and drink for the whole weekend. Expert coaching and tuition. All of your activities (except for the optional surfing). All of your equipment and kit provided by our sponsors. 

Whats NOT included: Getting there. You will have to sort your own way down, potentially buddying up cars. Surfing lesson/surf board/wetsuit hire is available at an extra cost of £30/pp (£10 for only board hire).

There’s been such an incredible response so far; if you’re keen to come get in there quick to snag your spot! More brand sponsors to be announced.

This is one adventure not to be missed!

Get involved now, drop us an email 
using the button below or at

We can’t wait to go & play in the outdoors with you!

Peace & Love from,
Kim x

Rock & Soul Adventures


5 Benefits of Doing Yoga Before Your Wedding Day

So wedding season is well and truly upon us. If you’re in the midst of chaotic wedding planning, then yoga is the PERFECT antidote for you. Here’s 5 benefits of doing yoga on the lead up to your wedding…

1) Breath and Destress

The focus on Ujjayi breathing throughout the practice allows for prana (breath) to flow more freely throughout the body. This encourages better circulation of the blood around the body. A strong focus on breath in yoga allows for a transference of better breathing in our day to day lives. By being able to control the breath in challenging situations on our yoga mat we can transfer that into stressful situations outside of yoga and in our lives – like with wedding planning. The breath is inherent in the practice to allow us to deepen into our asana (postures), extended into our full range of motion and flexibility. During an exhalation the diaphragm pushes up against the heart, slowing down the heart rate. Blood pressure decreases, as does stress on the rib cage, abdominal walls, and intercostal muscles. Relaxation is present.

2) It leaves your body lean and toned

The practice of physical yoga, or asana, works every muscle in your body. It doesn’t just lengthen and strengthen muscles, because of it’s mindful attention to the breath amongst other things it works every single system in your body. So you’re working your body from the inside out. Perfect for your pre wedding bod prep.

3) Decreased Risk of Injury

Yoga allows the body to be more supple, decreasing the risk of injury. Especially important if you’re hard in training for your wedding day.

4) Healing the Body

By stimulating blood flow around the body it can help promote healing in the body as a result of increase blood supply to injured areas.

5) Focus & Time Dedicated to You

Yoga allows us to listen and gaze inwardly towards our body. Yoga allows you to switch off from the distractions, off from the endless wedmin to do lists. From the moment you step on your mat you can think of it as a safe space to switch off from lifes distractions and switch on to some self love and attention. You can’t pour from an empty cup – your cups likely to be running low on the wedding lead up. By factoring yoga into your schedule  you know that no matter what you have dedicated time to listening to your body and stilling my mind. 

Where to Start?

You don’t have to even go to classes – although this can really help when you start up. There’s a whole host of yoga videos available on the internet. Even if you start with a 10 minute one a couple of times a week it’s something.

If you’re a complete newbie to yoga then check out my “Yoga Teachers Guide for Beginners in Class” post which will help give you an idea of what to expect in class. You can also see my tips on training for your wedding day in my article for Wedding Ideas Magazine here.

Above all enjoy it, it’s THE most magical time of your life. Good luck with planning and the lead up. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Top Things to See in the Isle of Man

Ever wondered what goes on in the Isle of Man? A place we barely knew existed has fast become our beautiful adventure haven. Full of nature and super fun things to get involved in. Think bike rides, local produce, fishing villages, seal spotting, beaches, coastal hikes, kayaks, castles and paddle boarding. It blew our little adventure socks off!

Find out what we got up to click on the vlog below!


Thank you to Visit Isle of Man for having us, we had a blast. Hopefully it will help to give you guys some ideas of what to get up to on your trip. If you haven’t been we strongly recommend it! It’s super fun. To find out more information about Isle of Man, visit the Isle of Man website.

Till next time,

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

PS. Sorry guys, please note the restaurant we went to was 14 North (not what I say North 10)!


Beginners Guide to Bouldering at the Climbing Wall

Hey guys,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week! So if you’ve been following my journey (1) Thank you for all your support so far!) 2) You’ll know that I’m darn right barmy about bouldering (and climbing in general!) I climb 2-3 times a week at the climbing wall if I can. More and more this is turning into getting on ACTUAL rocks (galah excitement central), outside and all over the world! What this means is that I get a lot of people asking me, how to get into it and where to start. If that’s you, I have the perfect thing for you. Here’s my Bouldering for Beginners 101 Vlog to get you started. Why not try it as something fun and new to try this weekend?!


I’d love to know if you find this useful and how you get on. Just remember to warm up and cool down before and after your climbs to keep you safe and injury free.

You can also find out some more tips and tricks from my Q&A with bouldering legend herself Shauna Coxsey on my previous video in association with Red Bull. Rock on gang! Let me know if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to cover next!

Till next time. Happy climbing!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


No Likey to Bikey? Get confident riding in your city!

One of the most common answers I get to my “you should ride there on a bike” (frequent!) comment is “I’m scared to ride it”, “I don’t like the idea of riding around in a city”, “I don’t feel confident enough”. This is sadly predominantly from a lot of my ladies. If you know me you know I’m never off my bike. Noteably more so when I have a Canyon bike to my name! Sadly when I look around at the traffic lights at other cyclists, 90% of the time they’re men! Come on ladies we got this too. 

Loving life on my Canyon Bike

It’s hands down the nicest most efficient way to get around. More often than not it beats the bus, tube or car! So buh byyyye smelly sticky space invader tube, hello, fresh(ish!) air and commute based workouts. Just 30 mins of cycling to and from work 5 days a week adds up to a kushty 5 hours of exercise, which doesn’t really even feel like exercise when you’re cheating your tube ride home. Oh and you save yourself a ton of money! You. Are. Welcome!

Heres my 5 top tips for how to start riding your bike around town, whether your a girl or a guy!

  1. Get yourself a bike! It doesn’t have to be a fancy bike (less devastating if it gets stolen anyway!), but one you feel comfortable riding, and one that does the job it needs to. Get yourself a D lock – work out how to use it (it’s not as hard as you think it will be). Practice a couple of times before you leave the house. Before you know it you’ll be locking up your bike without thinking about it. One important point to note is that you need to place the D lock around the BACK wheel, INCLUDING the rear frame to keep it safe. Bare in mind it’s smarter to park in more obvious public spaces than dark alleys where thieves have more time to tamper!
  2. Map your route first – Knowing roughly where you’re going helps a lot. Google maps has a lovely little bike icon that maps out the best route for you by bike.  Our dear friend Boris in London (that funny shaggy little/large politician) has worked a treat for cyclists! London’s “Cycle Super Highway” (see signs that say “CS…”) are just what we need around busy city like London. Start watching out for the blue cyclist signs and soon enough you’ll see pretty much everywhere you look there’s a completely different world for cyclists than motorists. My main thing I was “scared of” read: used as my biggest excuse to not cycle (along with 20 odd others – rain OBVS a fantastically constant one) was the HUGE roundabout near ours. We’d driven around it enough times for me to think – my God you must be bat shit
    crazy to try and cycle around this (and thereafter London in general). Hey…what dya know…I don’t have to cycle in the roundabout (bit) at all, yes I go around it, it’s on my route to work but the cycle highway allows me to hop, skip and a cycle on the pavement NEXT to the mad crazy bat shit roundabout, notably not in it. So that’s that excuse out then. The only qualm is if there isn’t a Cycle Superhighway on your route…usually there is some sort of lane and if not…I’m afraid it’s a fly by the hair of your seat type jobby…but I promise that gets less terrifying the more you do it! If you drive the rules of the road are basically the same.
  3. Practice in the park first, even better go with a friend whose more clued up on the road. I recently took my Mum on a short loop along the river and into Battersea Park. She got to practice riding on roads and built her confidence up in the park itself. Just note with riding in parks there are often signs that tell you where you can and cannot cycle (you can be fined if you cycle in the wrong areas).
  4. There are a lot of courses available to you to help build your confidence. These provide a safe learning environment, try Cycle Confident or TFL.
  5. And before you ask….YES you need to wear a helmet – its your brain. Protecting you brain and your life is always cool,

My Mum getting her confidence up in Battersea Park

There is SO much more to see in your city on a bike. Get out there, enjoy it! Find more of my tips on my blog post: Breaking Bike! Including how the bike lanes work and giving you (even more!) reasons why you need to get on your bike.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today! It’s beautiful weather for it! Stay safe. Have fun!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Photo: Geoff Waugh

 Bike provided by Canyon Bikes