Mind Body Bowl Summer Series
When someone of insta-fame with the name “mindbodybowl” contacts you about an event, I already knew she would be my kinda girl, & this would be my kinda event!
Mind, body, bowl…..(aka FOOD)….heck I’m sold already! So even luckier still I thought that I had been contacted by the lady herself (Annie Clarke) to do two of my favourite things…yoga & eat! Hooray, I’m there, (obvs)!
The Mind Body Bowl Summer series was made up of a group of lovely fit minded ladies. The yoga class was taken in hip & trendy Shoreditch. We took a fabulous, energetic & darn right feel good yoga class with Stephy White.
We then ate some rather exquisite home baked brekkie goods by Annie. I didn’t feel compelled to mention that I’d already had breakfast earlier on in the morning (the more healthy baked goods the better)! And the fitness posse would never have known it given the way I happily dove into the homemade granola & Coyo – & who could say no to that freshly baked banana bread! Quick slurp of “The Press” Coconut & pineapple pressed juice and I’m officially in heaven. Literally the dream (for fitness buffs anyway!)
As if this wasn’t enough, it was topped off with a fab goodie bag including dishy energy balls made by Annie herself. Of which I was extremely grateful for later in my back to back day of clients and castings.
image1 (1)

Mind_body_bowl’s homemade granola, COYO and berries. Photo:@misscharholmes Instagram

Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell

Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl
Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell

Thanks for an amazing event Mind Body Bowl, I can’t wait for the next one. I fully recommend trying out some of her recipes & not forgetting that fab & groovy yoga class with Stephy – another must try!
All in all Kimmy is a very happy fitness bunny here at Tone What You Own. Stay tuned for lots more fun fitness events, recipes and workouts on the Tone What You Own blog. I’d love to hear any of your comments or questions, it would mean so much to me!
Have a great week! Till’ next time.
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

Core Collective: Crunch then Brunch

Walking into Core Collective (C/C) is like stepping into the future. I should know; I feel like I’ve seen it; given that the whole world follows New York’s lead. Living there for the last three years of my life I experienced first-hand the massive uproar in all fitness everything. In New York you can’t walk a block without some new, fantastically fabulous fitness boutique, class or clinic. Moving back to London, I can see how we’re now following in those fantastic fitness footprints of our friends on the other side of the pond. The streets of London are now suddenly flooded with the yoga mat carrying, sweatpant wearing, juice sipping ‘fitty’s of Blighty’. The C/C studio is an absolute testament to the cool fit kid movement in the UK.

As soon as I walked into the studio I was immediately reminded of those New York gym studio days. Those bright lights of slick and uber trendy NY studios are here at C/C London. The health food café hangout when you walk in. The immaculate and ever cool and urban décor. The new of-the-moment toy box of fun fitness goodies to play with. As I enter, I gasp and a huge grin comes to my face! Welcome home Kimmy! This is London’s fitness scene. This is quite something special. The studio is an enviable walking distance from Holland Park and High Street Kensington station, this sets the tone for what’s to come of this new innovative training playground.

I was rather lucky to be invited down to a morning of “Crunch and Brunch” with some like minded fitness blogger folks. For 2 hours we tested the class offerings. The studio offers spinning, TRX (called Resistance) classes and High Intensity/Functional training style classes (Velocity). Additionally there is a personal training studio and super healthy food café: Who Loves You Café.


The Classes

Each of the classes we tried pushed us out of our comfort zones, but the trainers, epic music and sheer energy of the studio vibe kept us going. We wooped, we cheered, we panted. A thoroughly good, thoroughly tough, workout had by all.


Velocity studio 2 LR

This class is by far my personal favourite. It is known as the signature class of Core Collective. In essence it is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class combined with functional training systems. It combines interval, functional, core stability and athletic training. If I’m talking French to you, it’s basically a mix of hard hitting, sweat pumping circuits. These circuits are a combination of both body weight, resistance and functional training mechanisms which include fun new toys you might not have played with before. Toys such as the “prowler” – a sled like apparatus used to train power and strength by being pushed or pulled at either end. That, in addition to tyres, rings, rowers, a boxing bag, soft boxes to name a few. Basically you’re going to get a workout but its going to be super fun (if you like that sort of stuff). It’s made for people exactly like yours truly and is bound to attract the masses!


resistance studio LR

Resistance classes make use of the hugely versatile TRX straps. TRX suspension training is  an excellent tool for body weight work that is hugely challenging for the body but limits stress placed on bones. By angling your body in different ways they provide a sound basis for a workout. Enter these into a class based scenario and you’re on to a winning workout with the fun of some team camaraderie. Resistance classes will provide you with suspension training in intimate groups that ensure form and technique are top priorities.


accelerate studio LR

I will be the first to admit spinning is not my most favourite type of exercise to do (hey we all have our workouts we love to hate 😉 ). However, I have to say for the spinning portion of our blog which I was dreading, I actually had a jolly good time. Cracking music, some meaty base, some team wooping and cheering and a (very ‘kick you up the arse’ type) instructor made me actually get into the ‘spin thing’. I might even go back for another spin fix 😉

Personal Training

C/C will soon also be providing personal training options to complement the awesome classes on offer. There is no fixed membership and classes are purchased in a set number of sessions, putting you in charge of your own fitness journey.

Studio Space

The stylishly designed studios offer an attitude-free atmosphere for you to workout in. Studios are spacious, and class numbers are limited to ensure that you are fully engaged with your workout and receive the attention you deserve. C/C promises to set a new standard in the fitness industry and I truly believe they have and will continue this into the future.

womens changing room LR

The beauty of the studio makes it a place you want to be, want to hang out in. No longer are the days of skanky changing rooms that you’d rather skip the shower and go home for one. With complimentary towels, toiletries and lockers it makes everything super easy for you. The ‘Who Loves You’ health food café serves as a wonderful compliment to the classes offering the latest in all things super tasty and super healthy. You’ll find it easy to make the studio your second home.

  IMG_8037 IMG_8038

Classes are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis so you don’t have to worry about memberships fees. You are completely in charge of your fitness journey!

I thoroughly recommend a visit! Thanks for having us at your ‘Crunch and Brunch’ Core Collective; we toned, we owned & we loved it!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x

More information available at:



45 Phillimore Walk, Holland Park, London, W8 7RZ


Your Travel Sweat Fix: Hotel Bodyweight Workout


Traveling got your gym mojo down? Fear not fit one, here’s a body blasting workout coming to a hotel room near you. No gym. No problem. All you need is your own bodyweight, and a 6ft space – you’re back in the game. Damage control that food buffet of dreams, earn that extra glass of ‘vino el delicious’ and deserve that day of sweet sunshine nothingness, here’s your go to hotel sweat fix.

These 5 simple moves from Tone What You Own will blow away those jet lag cobwebs & get that body feeling it’s usual awesome self. Complete the exercises one after the other. 2 to 3 rounds of this circuit with 30-90 seconds rest between circuits & you’ll be taking the world by storm….

Remember to warm up and stretch at the end to stay happy, healthy & ever wandering! Go get ’em globetrotter!

1) Crawl – Moving Plank – Tricep Push Up: One to get that heart rate up, toning from tip to toe. Make sure your hips keep stable throughout. Resist the urge to rock them side to side (especially on the plank). Keep your core engaged the whole exercise. Shoulders over elbows for the plank. Arms in nice and close to the body for the Tricep push up. Neck always inline with the spine (neutral). Go for 10-12 reps (increasing as you progress). Tricep push ups are tough so you can always drop to your knees to modify.

2) Alternating Forward Lunge: 12-15/leg. Step forward – quite a long step. Ensuring here that the weight is driving through the heel of your front foot. Your front knee tracks inline with your 2nd & 3rd toe. The knee doesn’t extend past the toe. You can see a right angle in both the front a back legs as you lower. Squeeze the glutes on the way up. Chest open, core engaged. Think of how great you’ll be feeling on the beach; literally moments away!

3) Tricep Dips: 12-15. Using a chair lower your body slowly toward the ground. You want to create a 90 degree angle in the arm and legs as seen in the video. Your butt needs to be as near to the chair as possible without touching it, lowering your body to almost touch the ground. Spice it up by straightening your legs, but (please!) don’t compromise your form.

4) Single Leg Bridge: an oldie but a goodie. You’ll be feeling those buns by now. Finish strong. 12-15 on one leg, then the other. Palms facing up so you’re not tempted to use them to push up. Raised leg as straight as possible, heel kicking into the ceiling. Hips stable. Neck relaxed on the floor. Suns out buns out! You got this!

5) Glute Step Up: 12-15 on one leg, then switch up to the other. Focus on driving the weight into the heel of your stepping foot. Controlled step up, core engaged. Slow and controlled both on the way up and down. Good job!

Complete each move one after the other in a circuit fashion. Rest for 30-90 seconds, then do another 2 to 3 rounds.

THAT my friend is how you get your travel sweat fix and stay in your A game, regardless of global wandering frolicks!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Certified Personal Trainer / Eqvvs Personal Training, Knightsbridge, London / Core Collective, High Street Kensington / Fitness Model @ W Athletics

Filmed in the WestInn Hotel, Singapore


Tone Up Your Travel


So you’ve got yourself a nice little vacay? Nice. Or maybe it’s business inflicted jet setting? Either way your health regimes bound to go out the window….right? If your air miles are enough to buy a small aircraft hanger then you may struggle to keep on top of your health goals. Going away doesn’t have to mean that your fitness ‘bad-assery’ has to go away with it! Here are some simple top tips for staying in your A game on your travels. We won’t tell anybody about that sneaky Singapore Sling mind…we couldn’t take that simple pleasure from you! As a personal trainer, model and self professed global wanderer I’m constantly on my travels. Here’s my top 5 tips for fit and fabulous travels:

1) Stay hydrated

Water is absolutely critical to pretty much all of our bodies functions. Everything from energy production, cooling, to fat burn and everything in between. Keeping a steady supply of water to the body will keep your body doing what it does best. Ample amount of water is a must, even more so when you factor in hot climates. Don’t forget that water for the plane!


2) Prepare your food as much as possible

Avoid the airplane food nasties. As with any food that you haven’t prepared yourself, you don’t know what’s in it! Stay on track by preparing your meals/snacks in advance where possible. I like to make my overnight oats as a great grab and go option for an early flight (which can be found here ). Otherwise I’ll pack a protein packed salad with plenty of veggies, or my favourite almond butter snacks. Travel is also a great excuse to check out the local healthy cuisine offerings and produce. Think coconuts, mangos and fresh seafood as wonderful sources of nutrition, so delicious too.

3) Lose the booze…okay…to an extent

Everyone loves to kickback with their favourite bevy on their jollys. By choosing wiser, cleaner alcohol you’ll at least damage control the impact of your beloved bottle. Try vodka, soda and lime or red wine as a healthier alternative to sugary cocktails. Remember moderation is your friend. We all love that extra bottle of wine till it catches up with you on that super hard hitting (“God when is it going to be over”) run! 5

4) Suss out your fitness regime ASAP

Keep your focus and you’ll get results. Use travel as a great excuse to shake up your routine. Does the hotel have a gym? A swimming pool? You’ve always wanted to try Tai-chi right? Any local running routes maps offered by the hotel? I often find the best way to see a city is to simply get out and get running (or walking). It’s by far the best way to get your grounding, and you get a chance to see things you never would have thought you would. Fitness & sightseeing – what’s not to love? No excuses for not seeing the city on your business trip. Just remember that hotel address to get back!

5) Bodyweight blaster workouts

Don’t underestimate the power of your body as a piece of gym equipment! Simple bodyweight exercises can be done in a small amount of space like hotel rooms with great efficiency! Try push ups, lunges, squats – all incredible total body toners. Pack a jump rope or a resistance band to crank up your workout options. Even if it’s for 15 mins; something is always better than nothing.



Stay tuned for the Tone What You Own: “Travel Sweat Fix” for a bodyweight workout that you can bust out in the comfort of your hotel room. Wishing you happy, safe and healthy travels this summer.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Bringing the Brit’s to Fit

Now firmly back on home stomping ground fresh from New York, I’ll be bringing you posts on London’s hottest fitness studios. Stay tuned for the best places to Tone What You Own in London Town; keeping Londoners (& everyday heroes like yourself) fitness forward. First up; Box Clever Sports.


Getting There

Having been out of the boxing game with the move back from the states, I took the first opportunity I got to get back in the ring with Box Clever Sports. I knew the minute I put the address into my Google maps that this was going to be a class with a difference. Not so much of a street address as a car park address, I found my way one of west London’s favourite secret boxing hideouts.

The studio is immersed in a multi-storey car park a short walk away from Westbourne Park. Once you enter you realise that this setting is simply genius. The minimalist design of boxing clubs of past gone by, plus the grungey, urban setting of the studio is a match made in boxing heaven. What could get you more revved up, more amped, for a hard hitting boxing class than an environment that mirrors that of boxing?

The Boxing Class

I’m barely in the door before being greeted by Pete, the (super friendly) owner, quickly putting any first class nerves at bay. We’re introduced to other members of the class and encouraged to exchange names, bringing a great team atmosphere to the class. The first class I tried was the boxing class with Pete himself. Pete takes us through a rigorous ‘HIIT’ style warm up. Mountain climbers, squats, lunges, anything that gets your heart pumping and your muscles warm ready for the next round. It’s definitely done the trick in getting us hot and sweaty. We run through boxing drills and techniques before hitting the punch bags (of which there are ample). Finishing up with some more full body workouts and a corker of an upper body exercise – I thought my arms were going to drop off and have since kindly inflicted this on my personal training clients! Couple that with some cracking core drills and we’re done. One hour of sweaty, exhilarating boxing fun. I didn’t want the class to end (well apart from that upper body drill!)

The Total Body Class

Given my clear excitement for my first Box Clever class, I didn’t hesitate to book my second. This time the total body class. Again, I was greeted with the same friendly face. To my surprise (not sure why!?) this class obviously included boxing – it is one of the ultimate total body conditioners after all.

We started out on the jump rope, swiftly followed by a running relay to get our cardio cooking. Next up, bodyweight exercises and strength stations followed by punch bags, including a 1 to 1 chance to spar with Pete and the mitts. Can’t forget that core again to finish, and again I’m not disappointed by the butt kicking workout class that packs serious punch from Box Clever.

The awesome thing is that they try to keep class numbers low to give you more attention – hello increased burn with the bonus of it being performed correctly! The studio is kitted out with wraps, mitts, punch bags a plenty, a boxing ring, a full selection of weights, cable machine and battle ropes; meaning they have plenty of toys to keep your body guessing week in week out. They also provide crazy cool tunes and a complimentary bottle of water, all with friendly team camaraderie.

What’s not to love? Get your butt down for a boxing butt kicking with Pete and his gang before those classes pack out! See you in the ring!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

With thanks to Box Clever Sports and Strive Club UK, for the opportunity to trial the awesomeness!


Box Clever Sports
Lowerwood Court car park,
Westbourne Park,
W11 1EU