Snowy Saturday Blueberry Smoothie

Snowy Saturday’s call for yoga & blueberry smoothies!

We’ve just landed back in New York from the holidays and there’s snow in the air! It’s a perfect Saturday to cuddle up warm inside. Today I did my home yoga practice with the snow falling outside and the candles on inside, so wonderful! After yoga I made this simple blueberry smoothie. It’s filled with antioxidants but so tasty too! Here’s how to make this simple smoothie:

Blueberry Milk Smoothie

Blend together:

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon Chia seeds

Enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Another Level of Yoga

Photo: OM Factory Yoga NYC

Yoga is moving to a new level and it may just be the way to make your fitness take flight…

Though yoga has a longstanding stance in the well-being industry, it’s the ‘anti-gravity’ or ‘aerial yoga’ that’s having a moment. Yoga as we know it is a firm favorite amongst the celebs, but it’s the aerial yoga that has the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Mariah Carey and Pink coming back for more.

What could be more blissful than yoga I hear you ask? Being cocooned in your own little silk ‘hammock’ whilst doing yoga, that’s what is! The bonus is that as wonderful as it sounds to melt away your worries in your own little silk cocoon, aerial yoga is as much challenging and invigorating as it is great for relaxation.


Photo: Om Factory

The good news for us that didn’t quite get born with the ‘ultra bendy acrobatic gene’, is that you don’t need to be an acrobat to navigate through classes. Classes flow similarly to a yoga class but the ability to freely float in the air brings a whole new dimension to the yoga practice. On entering aerial yoga studios (like the one pictured at Om Factory Flight School) you’re greeted with large pieces of fabric bolted into the ceiling. These pieces of fabric create a wide, stretchy, hammock-like contraption suspended from two points. By suspended your body in the hammock you can achieve traditional yoga poses but also deepen them without overstressing the joints as you float in air; minimising the weight on your spine and joints.


Om Factory NYC Yoga – Union Square

Throughout class you’ll do moves similar to those that you would come to expect in a normal yoga class but with an aerial twist; e.g. the “Flying Downward Dog” and the “Flying Pigeon”. The “Flying Boat Pose” is also a corker for getting a great ab workout! You’ll get a full body workout as you use your entire bodyweight to help you stretch deeper into poses in addition to helping you navigate up and into the hammocks.

By incorporating aerial yoga into your workout regime you can benefit from numerous perks: increasing flexibility, joint mobility and releasing pressure on your spine which helps to lengthen muscles. Inversions are also a great aspect of the aerial yoga. By hanging upside down suspended in the air; it allows the boost of blood flow to the heart and provides all the benefits you would get from yoga inversions; without the compression to the neck and spine.

The great part is that you feel like you’re having fun the whole time so time literally flies past. Even if you wouldn’t class yourself an ‘avid yogi’, this class provides enough fun and challenge that even the not so ‘yogi of heart’ can enjoy it.

Why not take your yoga up to a new level?

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

OM Yoga Factory NYC holds Aerial Yoga classes at both its Midtown and Union Square locations. It offers beginners a stepping stone in with their foundation classes. In addition the studio also offers many other acrobatic, circus style and standard yoga classes.

Find out more information at: 

OM Factory Midtown – 265 W 37th St, 17th Fl, New York, NY, 10018

OM Factory Union Square – 873 BROADWAY, Suite 202, New York, NY, 10011


Unleash Your Inner Athlete at Tone House

Image: WellandGoodNYC

Greeted by the sign “Leave your ego at the door, its game time” you walk into Tone House NYC. There it stands; a dimly lit room and the kind of music that makes your heart pound. You feel like a boxer psyched to fight, taking your walk up to the ring. The coaches and rest of your team are ready for your first strike. This is a training destination where you undoubtedly have to bring your “A game”. Coined ‘the toughest workout in New York’, there’s no room for anything less.


Sounds intense right? Tonehouse is a simple but brilliant idea. Founder (fitness powerhouse) Alonzo Wilson and a team of buff bad asses take you through your paces by simulating the training of actual athletes. No stranger to professional sports conditioning Alonzo and his team know a thing or two about elite training. With different days of the week dedicated to different body focuses you can make sure that you tone every bit of what you own on a weekly basis.

Challenging, muscle burning, insanely sweat inducing? Yes, but here’s the fun bit; the whole time you’re supported by the type of group team camaraderie you’d expect playing in a team. The coaches’ push you to make sure you ‘show up’ and bring everything you’ve got, but there’s still this great underlying fun factor to it all. You come out feeling incredible (errrrrytime) & with an amazement for what you’ve all just accomplished. We, everyday people of New York can be athletes too. How amazing is that? If you have a body, you can be an athlete. ToneHouse brings this to you.

So what should you expect?

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted but nothing to be feared either. If you enjoy being challenged and “unleashing your inner athlete” with a group of fun loving fitness people, you will love every minute of it. Ok you might have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the minutes in conditioning day but ‘oh my’ will your body have something to show for it.

The body focus of a particular day will dictate the exercises you do but the sessions follow a similar structure. 15 minutes of a pretty intense warm up including agility exercises and burpees. Then multiple circuits of exercises for either upper body, lower body, total body, core or conditioning training. Expect to get to use all the toys in the fitness toy box. Weighted bungee sprints? You got it. Power sleds? – Yep those too. Pull up bars, TRX, sand bags, val sliders, soft boxes, abdollies, they’ve got it covered. The coaches will show you how to navigate your way through the equipment with their fiery workouts, high fiving and cheering you all the way.


My last session was a lower body focus day with Head Coach Yusuf Jeffers (he’s awesome!) One of my ‘team mates’ was Mary. Mary has recently given birth to her daughter (4 months ago no less) and was absolutely crushing her workout. This buff baby Mumma I thought, is some fitness inspiration. Her small piece of time off from the baby she had she was at Tone House running rings around all of us. If she can do it (and be a total bad ass doing it) so can you!

You wanna be in the coolest team in downtown NYC? You want to have some fun? Then channel your inner athlete and get involved in Tone House!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Find out more information:

Tone House NYC, 20 East 17th St, 2nd Floor, New YorK, NY 10003


Surf’s Up NYC!


“Everybody was surfing, surfing usa!”. You’re not imagining New York are you? Although New York has ‘some’ surf to offer up, west coast probably has us nailed on the sizzling hot surf destinations. Fear not aspiring surfers of New York; Chelsea Piers has the latest surf inspired classes aptly named “SurfSet” to get you wave ready in no time.

IMG_2663Surfset classes will get you conditioned in a way which not only helps with your surf practice, but also just happens to build a smoking hot bod! You’ve seen those sexy surfers with blinding washboard abs – probably no coincidence my friends. Surfing is well known for its total body conditioning and toning as well as being a whole lot of fun. That’s not even mentioning that this cool little class is nestled in Chelsea Piers famed for its mind blowing sports facilities – it’s enough to make a gym nut go weak at the knees (and that’s not after leg day!)

Even if surfing isn’t particularly your ‘crack’, you might still want to check it out. This class offers a fun and creative way to hone every part of your body. You’ll spend the class on the “RipSurfer X” – sounds scarier than it is. It’s basically a surf board on mini stability balls; meaning you’re constantly challenging your bodies stability (like the real life surf). The unstable surface means that your ab and postural muscles have to constantly be engaged to keep you steady. This means even if you don’t feel like your working your core, you probably are. Don’t worry there’s plenty of core specific work in class too!

Throughout the class we did squats, lunges, bunny jumps, single leg movements, plenty ‘surf style chatarungas’ or ‘nose downs’. Throw in some unstable push ups and SurfSet is a match made in fitness heaven. It serves up all round fitness performance benefits; working the core, balance, agility, muscular strength and endurance, aerobic conditioning and explosive power. Throughout the class they play epic surf videos which is enough to get anyone super stoked about surfing in general and make you feel like you’re in the moment. Couple the fitness benefits with the energy and originality the class brings, its a sure fire place to check out when your in the city. Surf’s Up!

Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

SurfSet is on Classpass (the cities go-to fitness studio membership) or available to Chelsea pier members.

62 Chelsea piers, #300, New York, NY, 10011


Banana ‘Nice’ Cream

FullSizeRender(1)So TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) is a thing. Thursday. That fabulous day when you’re so close to the weekend you can almost taste it. It’s the new Friday, bringing all sorts of naughty little cravings that you usually manage to keep at bay till your Friday night. Innocent as it sounds, it could be wrecking havoc with reaching your fitness goals. If you’re regularly reaching for junk on a Thursday night, that extends your slightly relaxed ‘weekend eating’ to a 4 day junk fest.

If you find yourself craving a little something sweet, here’s my simple, healthy recipe to keep you on the health wagon (till Friday at least). My friends go nuts for this substitute ice cream; super easy and surprisingly delicious banana ‘nice’ cream. You could even go crazy and have it on a Monday!

Banana ‘Nice’ Cream (makes 1 serving)


  • 1 ready frozen ripe banana
  • 2 tbsp non fat plain Greek yoghurt (Fage is my personal favorite)
  • 2 chopped dates (stone removed)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of almond butter (optional)
  1. Blend the frozen banana and yoghurt together using a food processor
  2. Add the chopped dates and cinnamon
  3. Serve in a bowl adding the almond butter on top if desired

Take that Thursday! You can have your sweet treat and eat it without completely demolishing the hard work you’ve put in all week. Enjoy!

Sending health & happiness, Kim x