Full Body TRX Workout

Need some Monday workout motivation? Last week my girl Zoe Shelley and I hit up Equilibrium, London for a TRX training session 🔥Here’s what we got up to, grab yourself a TRX and you can try it too!

Aim for 15 reps of each first with 45s rest. Try once through and increase when your confidence does.

. ⭐️TRX Squats

⭐️TRX Reverse Lunge Each Leg

⭐️TRX Low Row

⭐️TRX Sprinter Start

⭐️TRX Power Pull

⭐️TRX Pikes

⭐️TRX Gymnastic Swings

⭐️TRX Shoulder Stand V-Sits

⭐️Double TRX Pikes

[The handstand is the pinnacle but very possible with consistency]

.It’s amazing what you can do with just a #TRX – perfect for travel too – you can pick them up at a really decent price nowadays on Amazon.

Would LOVE to hear how you get on with it. Happy Monday! Let’s go to work! 💪🏼

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

||MONDAY MOTIVATION⚡️|| Always a smile on my face training with this kid @z_shelley by my side. Last week we hit up #Equilibirum with @nikoalgieri for a TRX training session 🔥Here’s what we got up to & you can too! . RG: @wearequilibirum 💦 Aim for 15 reps of each first with 45s rest. Try once through and increase when your confidence does. . ⭐️TRX Squats ⭐️TRX Reverse Lunge Each Leg ⭐️TRX Low Row ⭐️TRX Sprinter Start ⭐️TRX Power Pull ⭐️TRX Pikes ⭐️TRX Gymnastic Swings ⭐️TRX Shoulder Stand V-Sits ⭐️Double TRX Pikes . [The handstand is the pinnacle but very possible with consistency] . It’s amazing what you can do with just a #TRX – perfect for travel too⚡️Save & tag a friend 👯‍♀️ you’d do this workout with! Would LOVE to hear how you get on with it. Happy Monday! Let’s go to work! 💪🏼 #monday #motivation #training #workoutvideos

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How to Make the Gym a Less Scary Place

Perhaps your a new gym bunny (or previous gym bunny getting back into their groove after a while). I wanted to write about something that truly resonated with, even now – GYMTIMIDATION. Going into the gym, not having a clue where to start. Feeling totally intimidated. Totally uninspired. It’s TOTALLY a “thing”. It even happens now to your good friend Kim the personal trainer – shock horror.


We’ve all been there, new gym, maybe new to the whole training game altogether. You step into the gym, don’t know where anything is, or what to do….freak out, make a bee line for the treadmill. Stay on said treadmill as long as you can having 1) worked out how to turn the damn thing on 2) fiddled around with your music and walked a bit 3) Run for a bit, got totally puffed out at some stage, slowed it down ran (crawled, cried) for the exit, swiftly gone home, never to gym again.

I say that I resonate because I was that girl in the gym. I stuck to what I knew, I stayed on my trusty treadmill and did my best to ignore the other goings on. Classes, nah. Weights nope. Jogging and fleeing, that was my game. Slowly I began to work my way round this funny place we call the gym. A place where people are doing all sorts of wild things, but mainly, hopefully bettering their health. Time for you to feel comfortable about doing the same.

Here’s my top tips for avoiding the gymtimidation:

  1. Drag Your Mate Along For the Ride- That buddy of yours that’s roughly on the same fitness path as you? Maybe slightly more or less fit than you? Get them involved! It needs to be someone that will keep your spirits high, keep you motivated and accountable. Don’t choose someone way out of your fitness league it will just make you feel intimidated. Agree to a gym schedule. Doesn’t have to be every time you go to the gym. Maybe 1-2 times a week to start with. You could agree to do a gym session or a gym class. Then both of you are accountable to each other to show up. Having your buddy by your side will make it an altogether less scary experience from the get go. We all take gym a bit too seriously if you ask me! It will also be a lot more fun and you can learn from one another. Once I found a training partner (Miss Tara Margulies), the rest became a lot more interesting! No more dreaded treadmill gym sessions.
  2. Take a Class – Even if it’s on your own. Pluck up the courage (and I know it takes courage!) to go to a gym class. Explore different ones. If you didn’t like one, try another. There’s so many ways to get fit you don’t have to love all of them. You’ll resonate with some teachers more than others. The more you go the easier it will become. This I promise you. Not only will you learn proper technique and form, classes usually bring community. No more lonely gym workouts! Even if you’re not one to socialise a lot at the gym, its worth going to explore different training methods. It’s your trainers job to make you feel comfortable, and make you walk out of the class feeling feel like you’ve achieved something (e.g. like a TOTAL bad ass )
  3. Take up a New Training Discipline – If you’re struggling to keep consistent at the gym it’s probably because you’re not enjoying it. I know I struggle with motivation in getting to the gym if I lack focus or am doing training that I don’t enjoy doing. Whilst there’s an element of sacking it up and getting on with training. It’s worth finding a fitness discipline you enjoy, otherwise it’s not sustainable. Try pilates or yoga, maybe even find a tennis court or climbing wall. There really are so many training opportunities. You will find some you love, some you hate. I hate spinning for example, so I don’t do it. Rock climbing – I’m obsessed, doesn’t even feel like I’m training!
  4. Make a Plan – Doesn’t have to be some crazy whacky exercise programme in place, just a plan to stick to. Training works when you provide progressive overload to the body. Have a set of exercises, work out how to progress them (adding weight, improving form, adding repetitions or sets) then stick to it. Be consistent. A good training regime usually has the same sort of solid movements e.g. squats, deadlifts, repeated a progressively overloaded over time. Get a plan. Stick to it. Ask for help if you need it. Trainers that are “walking the gym floor” and not with a client should be on hand to help if you need it. Let’s keep you safe, consistent and focused. Training for a specific event is even better. Training for something like a 5k, 10k or maybe even a half marathon or mud run, whatever it is, it will give you the motivation you need to succeed long term. 
  5. Music to Motivate – A big saviour of mine is music. If I’m feeling unmotivated or a bit timid at the gym there’s nothing like some solid beats to get me going. It allows you to get out of your head and into your training. Remember people are so wrapped up in their own training they won’t even notice what you’re doing. We tend to assume people are judging us, but really they’re just doing what they gotta do – like you. I use Samsung’s Gearfit Headphones which are perfect, because they’re wireless I don’t have to worry about them getting in the way.
  6. Get Some Strong Fit Kit – Nothing says motivation like new awesome gym kit. Grab yourself your favourite fitness kit and rock it. I mean it, I know it’s not always cheap but long term gym motivation wise it’s worth it. Even if you have one great outfit you feeling insane in! Get it. Work it. If you feel good, you’ll train good. Get in the zone. Get at it! I’m loving Adidas’ new warp knit leggings because they look great and are super comfortable and breathable for those sweaty workouts.

It’s all going to be ok my friends. With a lot of courage, commitment and confidence the gym will become a more friendly and familiar place. Don’t worry; you’ve totally got this. Let me know if you have any questions on how to get going. Better yet get yourself a personal trainer who can also make it a much nicer process for you. They can iron out any imbalances going on in your body and formulate the best plan for your body!

Happy gym going friends!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Kettlebell Lower Body Workout

Happy Monday team. Here’s some training inspo if you need it today! You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get a good workout in 🔥This lower body session just uses 1 x kettlebell (or dumbbell) & a box (step/bench/chair…you get the picture). Try 8-12 reps x 2-3 rounds or lower the weight & up the reps for 1-2 rounds for more endurance focused training.

Superset 1 (back to back)
🍑Single leg lunge with OH press
🍑Goblet squat
🍑Kettlebell swing

Followed by Superset 2
🍑Single leg stand up
🍑Bulgarian split squat
🍑Box jumps

Warm up non negotiable. Have a peachy week-y 👀😂 Outfit available at NEXT Official Label online – let’s smash this week, WE GOT THIS!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Quick Fixes for Your Healthy New Year

Firstly, Happy New Year and all that jazz! Whether you were away in sunshine or cuddling up at home over the festivities, I hope you’ve had a wonderful one. With the New Year comes this incredible, amazing, renewed energy, focus and dedication. Whilst this is an AWESOME thing, this can wane a couple of weeks into January. More than likely a large factor of this is trying to do too much too quickly. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day”. Make small changes for longer term changes. I have always said and will continue to strongly advocate the need for long term, sustainable healthy, balanced lifestyle choices for a healthy mind and body. Quick fixes are rarely the answer to any long term fitness goals or fitness aspirations.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day

However, here’s a few small changes that you can make to your day-to-day life that will help you get nearer to your goals. With consistency it will keep you working towards your healthy lifestyle long into 2018 and beyond…

– Walk up the escalator vs standing – think about how many times you walk up and down stairs or escalators in a day – a small change like this can really help – plus its quicker!

– Stand on the tube vs sitting – we spend a lot of time sitting, in health and fitness terms; the less you sit the better. Check out this TED talks by Roger Frampton which blew my mind about the flaws of sitting down! The legendary Kelly Starrett also talks in great lengths about this if you want to know more check his work out!

– Consider cycling to work if it’s an option. Not only will you be likely to beat your usual commute time, you’ll also save money and get a workout in without even thinking about it. It also allows you to put your phone down and just be in your surroundings on your way to and from work. Check out my post “Breaking Bike” for my top tips on how to get started with riding.

– Stretch whilst your in front of the TV – Forward folds are a really nice way to stretch out our hamstrings and back. It also calms the nervous system so great for stress relief after a day at work – and you can totally still watch telly whilst you do it! Just remember to direct your chest towards your toes vs trying to get your head to knee. Not only can you not see the TV then, but you’ll also put unnecessary stress on the back.

– Fill your plate with delicious veggies, you can make some super tasty dishes full of veg that will keep you more than full enough.

– At the gym approach your training in a sustainable way. There’s no point going out all guns blazing in the 1st week or 2 only to do nothing in the 3rd week (typically when gym attendance drops off in Jan). Stay in it for the long run. Consistency is the most important thing. Little and often is better than all out and then nothing.

– Don’t be intimidated by others at the gym. Everyones on their own fitness paths, the likelihood is that they’ll be so caught up in their own training they’ll barely notice what you’re doing. Even as a trainer when I go to a new gym it can be daunting not knowing where the equipment is and feeling out of my comfort zone. The more you go, the better it will get. This I promise you.

– Go to the gym with a plan, it’s too easy to dither, get in, get out, get it done. It doesn’t have to be something crazy fancy, just consistent training that you gradually progress. If you need some inspo go to classes it will help a lot. You might even find someone to befriend whose in a similar boat to you. Or better yet take a buddy with you for moral support and motivation! Check out my Instagram @kimhartwell for my workout ideas or more in the training section of the Tone What You Own blog here.

– Take photos, track your success. Changes are often slow and steady, having a photo is a good way of seeing small differences. Before and afters are great for seeing changes that you might not notice in the mirror.

– Cut the CRAP – Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol and Processed Foods. You don’t have to “cut” it all, or all at once, but if you’re looking to get healthier moderating these things is a really good place to start. Either way, you won’t see the results you want unless you look at both nutrition and fitness. I spent years ignoring my nutrition and just thinking “the gyms not working”, but actually the second I paid attention to what I was eating to complement my training, everything changed.

– Get some activewear that you feel awesome in, it does wonders for motivation levels! Plus what a great excuse for a little extra sale shopping 😉

I hope these tips will help you on your 2018 fitness crusade and long after. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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5 Top Tips for Staying Strong All Winter Long

We’ve all been there, gym kit on (or very close to being on), finally gearing yourself up for that run, you look out the window…it’s dark, cold and ultimately all very un-alluring. So it’s back to the sofa I guess?….Not so fast! Here’s my top 5 tips for staying strong all winter long – even when it looks like the apocalypse is upon us outside!

1) Stop overthinking it

Usually it looks worse than it is. More often than not it’s a case of sacking it up and getting out there. Once your outside getting the blood pumping, the endorphins flowing and breathing in that fresh air, you’ll start to get yourself into your workout. Sitting inside glaring out the window watching each rain cloud come in (or not!) isn’t doing anyone any good. The intention to get an outdoor workout was there but we all too easily let the doubt in our mind conquer us. Essentially by the time you’ve thought about starting and had a little dither about it, you may as well have gone and got it done. Even if it was a quick 15 minute run, or perhaps some sprint training, chances are you’ll feel a world better for doing it than not.

Where your dedication will prevail is in your ability to remain un-phased by external forces that you have no power over. If you let the weather dictate your workouts then your leaving achieving your goals to chance. Although a bit of a cliche…summer bodies ARE made in the winter. There’s a reason why the fitness buff’s you know are in the gym throughout the year. “Rome wasn’t built in a day…but they worked on it every single day” – and that’s not just the days leading up to your big summer holiday!

2) Incorporate it into your day

Doesn’t the time just seem to fly by? How are we nearly at the end of the year already? There barely seems enough time to get work and the household chores done, let alone a bit of down time – so when on earth can we fit in that workout? The struggle is real! A great way of getting your workout in (especially in those cold, dark winter days) is to somehow incorporate the workout into your day. If you find a formula that works for you, it will be that much easier to sustain your fitness regime. If you can, run or cycle to or from work. Pack your gym kit the night before and hit the gym early doors before work or straight after work.

Personally I find it that much harder to get the motivation up to go to the gym once I’ve come home and got settled with that lovely warming (not to mention homely) cup of tea. The other week I knew the only opportunity that I would have to workout would be to run home from work. I was so busy in the day that I wouldn’t get a chance to go to the gym. I knew the second I got home the chances of me going back out for my workout were pretty slim. So, 7 miles later I was home. I had a real sense of achievement. I managed to get the workout in. I scaled a nice distance, saw some good sights, beat the time it would have taken on a stuffy tube and saved that travel card fare! Happy days! If you prepare e.g. pack your bag (lightly), take some headphones, take a backpack; it isn’t all bad. Time saving fitness – now that’s my sort of workout.

3) Layer up

My dad once told me: “there’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad outfit choices”. It’s a phrase which made a remarkable amount of sense to me and one that I use when training outdoors. You’ll only be cold if you’re not appropriately dressed for the occasion. If its raining wear a waterproof. If it’s windy wear something that works as a wind breaker. If its cold, layer up! Chilly hands? Wear some sweat wicking gloves. I see a surprising amount of people neglect this on cold winter days. Our bodies actually like working out in temperatures around 7-10 degrees celsius, so now it’s just YOU that needs convincing! And that rain? Our bodies are made of about 70% of the stuff! So that rainy run isn’t going to be all that bad for us after all!

4) Tune in

For me I find it difficult to really get going and get into my runs or outdoor training (or indoor for that matter) without some good music behind me to motivate me. Check out my Spotify Playlists for my music to help get you raring to go and get you on the way out that door!

5) Have a plan B

OK I get it…sometimes, THAT rain and THAT wind just ain’t gonna fly today. Have a back up option so there’s no getting out of your workout for the day. Can’t run? Have that back up bodyweight workout plan as your plan B. Need inspiration on what you can do without a gym and inside? Have a look at the Tone What You Own Bodyweight Workout for inspiration.

Above all else…have fun with it. Get muddy. Get sweaty. Get a little soggy! Take on the challenge and win. Get that summer body from the fruits of your winter labour and feel darn good ‘n’ proud about it. Till next time…Happy workouts my winter warriors!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

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