Keeping the Summer Adventure Alive

What happens when the summer adventures fade and you step into winter? Here’s how I plan to keep my summer stoke alive! 

Wow what a summer! From cliff jumping and coast steering in Cornwall to sport climbing and surfing in Portugal. It’s definitely been one to remember, but the adventure doesn’t stop the moment summer does. From chasing the adventures around the globe, to tirelessly training for those adventures in the gym, entering the colder months is not the time to stop. It’s the time to train. Anyone whose felt the buzz of riding their first wave, or climbing their first (or any!) ascent (no matter how tiny) will know the thrill; it’s time to chase that passion for stoking adventures all winter long!

For me rock climbing is my sport, my source of adventure  and thrill that beats any other (with surfing a close second!) There’s something about being wild and free, at one with nature, in the outdoors and conquering huge feats you may have only once dreamed of. I’ve only really started climbing in the past year or so. Yet the drive and passion for it has meant I do it so frequently I can progress to bigger and bigger things relatively quickly.

In Portugal in July we scaled routes which felt almost vertical overlooking the ocean. Was it scary? Heck yes. Was it epic? Absolutely! Did that all happen overnight and just in the summer months? Not at all!

If you would have told me a few years back that I’d be scaling the walls of Dartmoor Trad climbing, setting my own ropes and routes I would have laughed at you. My training and dedication to my sport made that happen. I became the climber I am today through hours of training off the rocks. When I completed those tough routes, rigged my own route, that for me was my made it moment of the summer. That was the end combination of a summer stoked full of climbing adventure and winter spent dedicating myself to it. Learning, developing, grinding for my sport.

It’s amazing how much you can cross train in the gym to make those moments outside. I always say to my clients, try something new you might just love it. That’s exactly how I found my rock climbing and I’ve not looked back since.

My winter training will be focussed on how I can make my climbing even better. That means climbing at the wall (outdoor and in!), bouldering to improve my technique, leaning up in the gym (so I’m more agile), gaining more mobility, gaining endurance. The inner kid in me just wants to climb all day everyday, the smart trainer in me tells me I have to cross train to avoid injury and better my best on the rocks.

No matter whether I’m in the great outdoors or indoors training hard I need my training and my diet to be on point. My training will factor all the different aspects of my climbing needs into them. My diet is more of a lifestyle vs a specific diet plan. Part of that means giving my body enough energy to sustain long climbing sessions – in or outdoors.  Whether I’m surfing, running or climbing I’ve always got a sneaky CLIF Bar stashed. Whether I have it before to fuel me or have it half way up that rock I use CLIF bars to sustain and feed my adventures. It’s the perfect source of sustained energy. CLIF Bars taste great and are made with a nutritious blend of organic rolled oats and wholesome ingredients. With an optimal blend of protein, fat, fiber, and multiple carb sources.


No matter how hard training is, or how cold I might be surfing or climbing in the colder months I know the view at the top or that one amazing wave will 1000% be worth the work (and more!) This world was made to be explored. Nature is it’s way of teasing us out there and seducing us to the stoke. Keep that summer stoke burning. Let’s make this year our biggest one for adventures yet. Time to get plotting my next climbing and surfing adventures around the world.

I’d love to hear any recommendations from you guys! There’s so many incredible places to explore. Time to get out there, build our bodies (which might just include that training element of being “in there” at times!) The urge and the passion for stoking adventures lives on. To the next thrill that the outdoors brings.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Can We Start Being Actually Social Again Please?

I’d rather be the one that smiled, than the one that looked away. I started chatting to a stranger in the coffee shop the other day (I can thank Mum for my chatty nature!). He was a slightly older American guy going about his business, we were both short of internet for whatever reason so the coffee shop was the perfect make shift office. After we had been chatting for a while he said that he assumed previously that I was Australian – because 1) people always think I am because of my weird ‘global accent’ and 2) London people are way more “stand off-ish” so I couldn’t be British. I am British, but not stand off-ish (or as far as I know I’m not!) By opening up to a stranger I discovered not only had we both just moved into the same neighbourhood, we actually worked for the same company at some point and both lived in New York. I had a wonderful long, interesting conversation which included ACTUAL interaction with another human, not just digital “social” interaction. I realised something as small as this was actually part of a bigger picture.

All too often we avoid actual conversations in lieu of screen time. This for me is something completely the opposite to our nature as humans (although I’m guilty as charged of doing the very same thing!). I saw a quote one day that said that:

“It’s the first time in history that we’re documenting our lives (through the likes of social media) more than actually living our lives.”

How sad is that? It’s so important to never underestimate the importance of actual human interaction.


Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga brings about the the idea of consciousness by describing the idea of yoga as “Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah”(B.K.S Iyengar, 2002) which roughly translated is the cessation of the fluctuations in consciousness. The idea that regular practice of yoga in all it’s forms (meditation, pranayama, asana), can bring about the conscious, uncluttered mind. Patanjali famously uses the phrase “atha yoga anushasanum” in the sutras 1.1. Not only relevant to yoga and yoga teachers he demonstrates the need to be present. The need for now. Not as you are reading. Not in the future. Right here, right now. For me, this a matter of global importance. Living in the here and now. Interacting with the here and now – not the digitally edited. We have everything to gain from the presence of ourselves and others.

The Need to Be Present 

Taking Patanjali’s “atha yoga anushasanum” (the here and now). Now combining that with his teaching of yoga as a way to maintain continued consciousness through life. The question then begs does social media allow for this? Take the case of myself on my yoga teacher training (YTT) course. It just so happened that my YTT took place in Sri Lanka, for a month (oh the horrors!) The course is so intensive that we didn’t actually get to see a lot of Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanka, in all its natural beauty, natural light, exotic colours and utterly inspiring surroundings it made for the perfect “content” making trip. As a blogger and ‘Instagrammer’ my mind is constantly thinking about what content I can create for my channels. How can use my surroundings to post beautiful pictures? Easily done in Sri Lanka. What’s not so easily done? Being able to switch off from that external influence and the ‘need’ to constantly create content for future use. The 24 hour world that the internet and thereafter social media has created means my mind doesn’t switch off – even when I’m supposed to be fully immersed and ‘present’ in my yoga course.

Even outside of the yoga training it extends further into social tendencies. Like for instance, at dinner with my friends. Sometimes I notice that I actively take myself out of the conversation at the table in order to post at a particular time that I know yields a greater social media response. Here, I’m certainly not being present, one could argue I’m actually being rude, and definitely not being in the now. Here I’m not just enjoying my dinner with friends, my mind is elsewhere. I constantly try to remind myself of the need to be conscious, and to live in the present moment.

Social Media as an Addiction

What has become very apparent with the use of social media channels is their addiction! A report from ‘Psychology Today’ by Susan Weinschent p.H.D. called “Why We’re All Addicted to Texts, Twitter and Google” describes this addiction. She states how the chemical Dopamine is the culprit. The release of the chemical Dopamine in the brain “causes you to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behaviour. This system propels you to action and the liking system makes you feel satisfied and therefore pause your seeking. If your seeking isn’t turned off at least for a little while, then you start to run in an endless loop.” (Weinschent, p.H.D, 2012) Therefore, it becomes harder to stop looking at your phone as you constantly seek out this instant gratification. This addiction means the user is constantly checking and updating their channels for that release of dopamine. It’s an endless circle.

More often than not social media promotes the idea of mindless scanning. Browsing channels and its fellow users, not necessarily even reading the caption that might accompany such images. Not only is the user not present, but also decreasing their attention span day by day. One could argue a yogi posting about their yoga practice and one that gives such attention to their social media channels may ironically be doing the very opposite of what yoga allows one to achieve. Through meditation and our practices we learn of the need to be present. How can one be present and ‘inward gazing’ when they are constantly feeling the need to fuel this dopamine so highly effected by the external environment? Or is yoga helping the yogi’s cause by providing them grounding in their turbulent social media fuelled business regardless of external influences? Something to think about, not only for the yogi’s!

Social Media as a Force for Information Overload

The unrelenting checking, scanning and refreshing of feeds that comes with social media promotes even more of what the yogi’s term the “monkey mind”. The constant chitter chatter of information, millions of thoughts going through our brain from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. It’s not uncommon for many people to check their phones the second they wake up – usually one might have a phone alarm clock. Immediately the brain is bombarded with messages and thoughts. “What am I doing today?” “What shall I have for breakfast?” . Checking social media plies yet more messages into our already jammed packed and information overloaded brains. Not only does the brain have to take in all of this new (often let’s face it drivel) information and process it, but the constant ‘need’ to post creates even more clutter for our minds to think about.

Luckily practices like mediation and pranayama (breathing methods) allow us to press the pause button on all the chitter chatter. When your mind has space to breathe, you can access your greater potential. You can focus on the here and now. You can be present. This is also why some could argue the best time to meditate is first thing when you wake up in the morning. Without any external input of messages sent to the brain. On our yoga course we spent an hour and half on meditation and pranayama every morning. I made a conscious effort to not check my phone before this. I certainly felt that I was able to reach stillness and consciousness far sooner than I would than if I had looked at my phone. Quantum physics has proven that more consciousness equates to a more optimal state of living. Hence, even the act of meditation (for even a small amount of time) can have a positive effect on our lives.

The Need for Instant Gratification 

Not only in social media but in the developed world we have become more akin to having everything at a touch of button. You want take away, “click” it’s there. New clothes, you got it. Simon Sinek posted an extremely revealing YouTube on “Millennials in the Workplace”. In summary he puts forward the idea of the so called “Millenials” and how they are obsessed with the ideal of instant gratification. He shows how being born into a world of being able to have whatever you want in a short expanse of time gives rise to problems later on in life. For instance, at home your parents solve your problems, your toy breaks, they buy you a new one. The internet allows for instant solutions to your perceived problems, you want something you can go and get it with ease. Social media exacerbates this further still, you want that dopamine hit, it’s there. What Sinek alludes to however is that in later life, for instance in jobs and relationships, we can’t short cut to resolutions for this. Life is learning. We grow. Yoga teaches the student to be a yogi for life. There’s no short cut way to being better at yoga. Millenials must test their patience by sticking with their practice rather than seeking single goal orientated short term gain like mastering the most challenging asana. Yoga is so much more than just the postures. Social media can lead one to focus acutely on merely the posture and health benefits.

Social Media as a Force of Bad or Good?

Social media can be seen as a force for both bad and good in our society. Whether it be in society in general or specifically relating to yoga, it is clear that there needs to be some sort of balance in the use of social media. In an increasingly 24 hour world that we live in one must be able to ‘switch off’ from external distractions. Namely in this case of social media and the ‘need to create content’. Social media as a force for business gain does not look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so it is up to us to try and control that external factor. It it up to us as individuals and businesses to manage its effect on our lives and use it for the greater good. Don’t worry I too get the irony about posting about this on my blog and social media platforms!

Let’s Be Social

The world is a wonderful place full of extraordinary and wonderful people. Not only across the world, but right in front of you. Probably even the table next to you right now. If we looked up from our screens every so often we’d have a chance to notice that. Smile. Open up the chance for interaction; the benefit far outweighs the risk. Wonderful things happen when we come together. As humans. Face to face. Let’s actually have face time with people, for humanity, it’s in our nature.

My coffee shop friend Dave is actually going to come to one of my yoga classes soon, and I’ll be sure to welcome him with a smile and some friendly English conversation!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Low Impact Lower Body Workout

Hey team,

Happy Monday! All too often we associate a “hard workout” with purely high impact moves. Although plyometrics (jumping) exercises are a great way to add intensity, placing higher metabolic stress on the body which helps promote speed and strength gains. High impact movement can over stress the body if done to excess. It’s also not great if you’re working with some sort of injury or can be too intense if you’re just starting out in the fitness game.

Try this lower body low impact workout which packs the punch of a HIIT workout without the constant body pounding of high impact movement. You can do this workout anywhere! Just remember to warm up and cool down. Take it at your own pace.

45-60secs x 3-4 rounds

⚡️Sprinter (Right then left)

⚡️Curtsy kick (Alternating)

⚡️Squat punches

⚡️Lateral lunges (Right then left)

⚡️Single leg glute bridge up & down (Right then left)

⚡️Single leg glute bridge in & out (Right then left)

I’d love to hear how you get on! Happy new week! Let’s give that body some love.

Till next time…

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Photos: Wearing Adidas Women

Video: Wearing Sweaty Betty leggings and Seafolly top

||LOWER BODY LOW IMPACT 🍑|| Need some Monday motivation? 🌟 Want a great workout without the high impact? Try this lower body body weight circuit that you can do anywhere 💪🏼 . 45-60secs x 3-4 rounds ⚡️Sprinter (Right then left) ⚡️Squat curtsy kick (Alternating) ⚡️Squat punches ⚡️Lateral lunges (R then L) ⚡️Single leg glute bridge up & down (R then L) ⚡️Single leg glute bridge in & out (R then L) . Don't forget to warm up & cool down. Video sped up for time. Take your time with the moves. Always think form over force. . 👉🏼TAG your Monday workout buddy & let me know how you get on with it. Let's do this team! 🔥 #Tonewhatyouown #training 👟@sweatybetty @seafollyaustralia

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Tone & OM x LuluLemon :: EVENT NEWS

Happy Saturday guys! SUPER excited to announce the next Tone and OM event….

NEXT Saturday Tone & OM will be teaming up with Lululemon at Lululemon Westfield (White City)! Come down and tone & OM with us 9-9.45am 30th September. Reserve your spot now here!

Cant wait to see you there!



Top to Toe Balance – 5 Top Tips for Keeping a Balanced Lifestyle

Nowadays there’s no such thing as a 9-5 job. Whether you’re a freelancer or just burning the desk hours in the office, it’s likely you’re a busy bunny. Sometimes even the most energetic energizer bunny can find it overwhelming and begin to feel like they’re burning out. Losing kilter with balance in your day to day life doesn’t only reck havoc with your mind, it does with your body and skin.

Here’s my top 5 tips for helping to keep in check top to toe.

Sleep & Recovery

First, foremost and always, ensure your sleep is your first priority. If that 2am work finish means you have to skip that 6am early morning gym class so be it. Sleep is your number one piece of ammunition. No sleep, no recovery for the body, no rest for the mind. If struggling to sleep is a persistent problem, make sure you speak to your doctor about ways that they can help you with this. I personally find an eye mask and ear plugs do wonders for shutting off the outside world. I also love to use the Scentered Palmarosa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang “Sleep Well” therapy balm, which smells dreamy (literally!). I also find it helps me to sip on a “Nighttime tea” from PUKKA before a bit of shut eye too, it’s like a lavender bath hug in a mug! See my postAre You Getting Enough?” for more on the importance of sleep. If a good whack of sleep is absolutely off the cards with work, or motherhood etc, try to squeeze in naps where possible and take at least a couple of minutes in the day to give your mind a rest from the everyday hectiness (see more in point 5).












Even if your fitness regime and sleep is on point, if your diet is full of processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine, you’re likely to be over stressing the body. Not only will too much of these products mess with your fitness goals, they’re likely to make you feel lethargic eventually (hello coffee crashes!). I say to my clients aim to eat healthy, whole foods (cooked from scratch if possible) 80% of the time, then 20% of time it’s ok to fall off the wagon. Eating the right nutrients will not only help your body, it will stimulate your mind, sleep and keep you glowing from the inside out.


Whatever you do, move it or lose it! It doesn’t matter whether you walk, run, dance, lift, practice yoga, just move. Daily movement helps not only stimulate the muscles in the body, it lubricates your joints keeping your bones healthy and keeping you moving long into older age. It also promotes the development of healthy skin cells, build aerobic power, reduces blood pressure (hello stressful job stress release), lowers the risk of diabetes, maintains immune function…I could go on (what can I say you know I’m a fan!), but you get the picture 😉 Just move…please. Little and often is better than nothing at all.

Give Your Body Some TLC

When did you really take a moment to think about how wonderful your body and your skin is!? I for one take my skin for granted all too often. Running from one personal training session to the next, sweating here, sweating there. Racing into showers, racing out of showers. When did I last give a second thought to my skincare and what chemicals I’m putting on my body? More importantly on my intimate areas? I for one am guilty of not giving enough due diligence to it. As a woman our most empowering asset is our intimate lady areas! I mean it. Something we might not ever think about, but we really NEED to. Is there really a more womanly, powerful place in your body to give some extra love and support to?


Taking a Moment for Stillness

All too often we race around our lives not taking any time to just sit and breathe. One of the biggest things I learned in my yoga teacher training was about the need for us to use our breathe in our day to day lives and prioritise moments of stillness (even for a couple of minutes a day). By taking a moment to breath we can slow down the mind, make better decisions, even out your mood and stress levels, tone your temper and still our crazy information overloaded brains. More on the merits of stillness, breath and meditation in my post here.

Till next time, enjoy taking on the world like the wonder woman you are and remember to give yourself a bit of time to keep in balance.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x